What is Content Marketing?

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Keen to know all about content marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

So what is it?

Essentially it’s all about creating and sharing valuable content to attract a targeted audience with the aim of having that audience take an action which is linked to a business goal.

Let’s break that down a bit further.

Key word is VALUABLE. To attract the right audience, you’ve got to provide them with content that they want to know about, not the content you want them to know about. It’s about them, not you. It’s a critical difference; get it wrong and your content is just another advertisement that nobody is interested in, but get it right, and your audience is engaged and wants to hear more from you.

Still confused, let’s go deeper with some examples.

Content marketing is broad and varied, too much to cover here but lets try and go through some examples that will help you to get thinking like a content marketing pro. Soon you’ll see content marketing everywhere and you won’t be able to stop coming up with new content marketing ideas.

Create an Infographic

Lots of people hate reading long text articles and just want the facts quickly. Infographics are great for visual story-telling. You can easily share stats, graphs, charts and more in a format thats easy to digest for your audience.

Make a dedicated Webpage

I have a website already, what’s the difference? A dedicated webpage to a particular topic that is interesting and valuable will bring in countless customers who may otherwise have never known about your business. You could feature a case study, or a how to guide, information that no one else can provide. Thats the difference between your normal business webpage and content marketing.

Record a Podcast

Yes, really. Why? because it opens you up to a whole new audience – primarily iTunes users. You don’t have to be funny or have a smooth voice. You just need to give away valuable information, tips and tricks, anything of value. You’ll be able to get inside the head of your potential audience so to speak.

Create a Video

People always think it’s expensive and too hard to create a great video, but nowadays, any good smartphone and a YouTube or Vimeo account will get you online in minutes at hardly any cost. You could create a tutorial video, a market report, or product video to share with your audience.

Write a blog, whitepaper or a presentation

These are the most common types of content marketing because all you need to get started is your laptop or a pen and paper. You could write blog about your industry, provide insights and show your expertise to build your credibility.


Why invest in Content Marketing?

There are four steps in the buying journey – awareness, research, consideration and then buying.

Content marketing helps create awareness of your business for your audience. They research a topic and your content marketing comes up with a possible solution. Traditional advertising then kicks in for consideration and buying.

Traditional and content marketing are complimentary and should be viewed as an eco-system of marketing where one leads to the other.

We’ve kept the best for last: The #1 Secret of Content Marketing

Value, value, value, value.

Add value. That’s the secret. It’s not really a secret at all. We’ve already talked about it throughout this piece.

How do you know if your content is adding value? Ask your customers. What do they want to know about? Let them lead the conversation, find out what information would be helpful to them, then produce content that meets that brief. It’s that simple.



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